Reusable Makeup Towel
Reusable Makeup Towel
Reusable Makeup Towel
Reusable Makeup Towel
Reusable Makeup Towel
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Reusable Makeup Towel

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Stay away from single-use disposables like cotton pads! Just your reusable makeup towel damp and wipe away. Perfect for travelling! Our make up remover towel will keep cotton pads and plastic bottles from ending up landfills and the ocean.

No harmful chemicals
Reusable – no more disposable cotton wipes
Suitable for all skin types
Super soft and ultra gentle
Can be washed without detergent
Easy to hang
Exfoliates face

Lasts up to 1000 washes!


1. Wash

Important: Wash your make up remover towel before first use.

2. Water
Wet make up remover towel with water. Warm water works best.
TIP: You can wet just the area which you will be using.

3. Wipe
Wipe off make-up in a circular motion using side with shorter strands. Use side with longer strands as washcloth to scrub and exfoliate face.

4. Wash
Simply throw it into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Wash it thoroughly at least once a week.


Large: 37.5cm x 17cm

Small: 20cm x 19cm

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