FAQ about Mother's Corn

Q: What is the difference between Mother’s Corn product range and Mother’s Corn Baby product range?

A: Mother’s Corn Baby Products are designed to be used by younger babies. Also it is microwavable and should be microwaved for less than 3 mins. However, Mother’s Corn products are not microwave friendly. This is the main difference between the two product lines.

Q: How are Mother’s Corn products made?

A: Mother's Corn is made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) material extracted from cornstarch. PLA, which is a plant based bio plastic, is safe and free from harmful substances.

Q: Are environmental hormones released when there are scratches on a Mother’s Corn product?

Mother’s Corn products are made from a natural material extracted from cornstarch. Therefore, they are free from harmful substances such as environmental hormones, carcinogenic substances and heavy metals and safe for baby’s use.

Q: How are Mother’s Corn products biodegraded?

Mother’s Corn products are readily bio-degraded by microorganisms in the soil once buried after being discarded. However, the speed of biodegradation depends on the product and environmental factors.

Q: Won’t Mother’s Corn product decompose while in use?

No. Mother’s Corn products are biodegradable only in soil, not when exposed in the air. In addition, biodegradation only happens under certain environmental conditions.

Q: Is it possible to eat Mother's corn products?

A: That’s not possible. Although, Mother’s Corn products are made from corn, it can’t be eaten because it’s made into tableware after going through several special processes. This ensures that eating with Mother’s Corn tableware is healthy and safe.

Q: If my child has a corn allergy, are Mother’s Corn products safe to use?

A: Mother’s Corn products are safe for those with a corn allergy. Profilin is the antigen that usually causes allergic reaction. The high heat usedduring the process of extracting PLAfrom Corn destroys Profilin and therefore is not found in Mother’s Corn products.

Q: Since most corn is genetically modified organism (GMO), can the modified genetic material be transferred to food from Mother’s Corn products?

A. The PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) that Mother’s Corn uses has undergone extensive FDA testing and is approved for food contact. Special crops or genetic modifications are not required to produce PLA. Our corn is sourced from farmers within a 30-mile radius of our plant Blair, NE. This corn is used to make dextrose (corn sugar) and subsequently PLA. It is a mixed stream of non GMO and GMO corn grown in the area. During the manufacture of PLA, the multiple stage processing and high heat used to create PLA polymer removes all traces of genetic material. Please refer to the certificate below.