CYCL WingLights

CYCL WingLights are a range of innovative LED bicycle indicators and sidelights that attach to handlebar ends helping you feel safer and more visible on the roads. They have been designed to emphasize the direction intentions of the rider as well as help improve the visibility of the rider to other road users. 

Designed in UK | Distributed by in Southeast Asia

What are WingLights for?
WingLights serve the same purpose as indicators do on cars: they alert cars, other bicycles and pedestrians of where and when a cyclist is due to turn.

How are WingLights activated?
WingLights are turned on and off by simply pressing the buttons positioned on the ends of the device. They turn off automatically after 45 seconds to prevent power wastage.

How do WingLights attach to the handlebars?
WingLights come in two simple to use varieties. Both are anchored in the hollow space found in handlebars, the difference between the two being one features a magnetic component and one does not.