Why Bobbleware?

Did you know, we are the first reusable bubble tea tumbler made of borosilicate glass?  Bobbleware is a premium reusable borosilicate tumbler specially made for bubble tea, smoothies and other beverages on the go. Your sophisticated alternative to single-use plastic cups.

Your favourite drink shouldn't come at the expense of Mother Nature. Bobbleware is founded by bubble tea lover with a fond over quality drinkware & glassware.

We are embarking on a journey to reduce instant plastic wastes from the booming bubble tea industry around the world.

All your Bobbleware tumblers are specifically designed for purpose here in Australia.
  • Premium grade glass material  -  Borosilicate is the highest commercial grade glass available, known to have very low thermal expansion therefore strong resistance towards thermal shock than other common glass.  Borosilicate glass is commonly seen in classic Pyrex, modern wine glasses and laboratory tubes and beakers. To put in simple terms, you can now order any cold or warm beverage using our tumblers worry-free!
  • Leak-proof single lid - made travelling easy with a leak-proof tumbler. Most importantly now you can shake your boba as hard as you like. 
  • Toxic free – Odourless - Glass isn’t a porous material so unlike other plasticware it won’t leach into your mouth or drinks ever. 
    • Clean & Clarify - Show off your drink content like you should! Being borosilicate material you wouldn't have to worry about cloudy glass. 
    • Chic & elegant all at once! Be that person to attract heads turn next time you enjoy your favourite drink in these impressive reusable vessel. 
    • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and most cup holders.