The story behind Bakening

Bakening was founded by Ning, and this is her story. 

When I first started being "healthy" I jumped on the low-fat-whole-grain bandwagon without a second thought because that's what everyone says is healthy, right?

As a result of that diet, I ended up with hormonal imbalances. After 2 years of doctor visits and synthetic drugs with little improvement (worse, they couldn't even pinpoint what was wrong as all my blood tests came back normal), I chanced upon this book in the library: The Hormone Cure by Dr Sara Gottfried. All it took was simple nutritional changes and my problems were all solved in 1 month.

What a wake up call. That book was written based on good research (double-blinded, etc) and it inspired me to read up on science-backed articles instead of mass media articles too.

Now, it's only whole foods for me, including full fat everything, skin on my fruits (even kiwi!), etc. When you give your body the right nutrition, it will know exactly what to do and how to heal itself.

Many people have also asked me what Bakening meant. When they knew I'm called Ning, they go, "Oh, Bake Ning." I leave it as that most of the time, as the real reason scares people off sometimes.

Bakening stands for "Nourishing, Awakening". Whether you choose to go Paleo or any other diets or, heck, whether you even choose make your health a priority at all, I hope to have awakened you to make conscious, informed choices. 


Allergen warning: We bake in a dedicated gluten- and dairy-free facility with eggs, tree nuts and seeds. While all the ingredients we use are gluten- and dairy-free by nature, do note that we don't send our products for allergen tests. We take extra care to prevent cross-contamination but we can't give a 100% guarantee that our food is free from allergens.

To our Muslim friends: Our kitchen only bakes vegetarian products without alcohol (not even vanilla extract). The only animal products we use are eggs and honey. However, we're not halal-certified so it depends on your comfort level if you wish to consume our products.