Our Story

Every Bit of ME was created out of frustrations at having to trawl through various websites to find different lifestyle products, without a single platform to access small businesses in locally and regionally.

Small businesses are great. We love small businesses - the passion and dedication that each and every founder brings to their products are inspiring. That's why Every Bit of ME is here. ME also stands for Modest Essentials, which is what we modestly hope, for what we carry to become essentials in your lifestyle.

What you see here are products we've personally tried, tested and love. Discover interesting brands and quality products at your fingertips.

There are small businesses starting everywhere and everyday and we want to celebrate that. That's why we are always growing our partner and product lists. 

We are doing our best so you can always find quality lifestyle brands products that will improve your lifestyle, and at the same time, do whatever they can for the environment, in their own little ways.

Some of our products are on pre-order basis as they are either made in small quantity, or we don't keep too much stock for two reasons - either to ensure freshness as they are perishables or for cost-savings reasons so that we don't transfer the cost of storage to you.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do! Feel free to drop us a note to share your feedback, reviews, or if there are anything you'd like to see here. We dearly want to improve, and every feedback is very important to us.